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What do the organic Standards mean?

What about animal welfare?

dairy cows
* Animals must have enough room to express their natural behaviour.
* All stock, including pigs and poultry, must have access to pasture when conditions allow.
* Intensive cereal-feeding of beef and dairy cattle, which can lead to health problems, is not allowed.
* the use of battery hen cages is not allowed
* No routine dosing with antibiotics, but animals must be treated when ill to avoid suffering.

What about growing crops?

Clover and grass
* Growing different crops from season to season means that pests and diseases don't have a chance to build up.
* Farmers build up their soil fertility by the use of clover and animal manures.
* No artificial nitrogen fertilisers are allowed and the use of other mineral fertilisers is restricted.
* Organic farmers are only permitted to use a small number of pesticides and even then only under certain conditions.
* No herbicides are allowed on organic farms.

How long does it take a farmer to produce organic animals and crops?

* It takes at least two years for a farm to convert to organic production before the products can be sold as organic.
* Farmers have to follow organic Standards from the start of conversion, and to make sure they do, they are inspected every year and their products are licensed .

What about GMs?

* No Genetically Modified materials such as seeds and feeds may be used.

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